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Please note: The competition has reached its limit of maximum participants. You can still register and we will let you know within 48 hours if you will be able to attend.

Competition Categories

The 2020 competition will take place 21 and 22 March. The schedule, application forms, and information about the fees can be found below.

The competition categories are:

  • Ballet
  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Choreographic Composition
  • Emerging Choreographers

For the competition and masterclasses, your participation in each category must be booked in advance. Deadline is 1 March 2020.

The ballet and modern/contemporary categories solos, duets/trios, and groups are divided by age. There are two choreographic categories:

  • Choreographic Composition (all styles admitted)

A showcase for choreographers especially for schools. Choose it if the purpose of your piece is mainly to represent a concept or a situation (for example a story or a theme), and the prize of this category goes to the choreographer. Group works in Ballet and/or Contemporary/Modern-Dance is the appropriate category if your piece is mainly technical, and the prize then goes to the dancers.

  • Emerging choreographers (all styles admitted)

This category is for young choreographers working with pre-professional or young professional dancers.


Friday 20 March

Chassé Dance Studios:
17:00-20:00 Masterclasses for children, Juniors and Seniors
See the schedule here


Saturday 21 March

Chassé Dance Studios:
9:00-12:30 : Masterclasses for children, Juniors and Seniors
See the schedule here

Theater De Meervaart:
Competition Rounds

Children’s competition starts at 14:00.
Competition rounds: Other age categories: exact times to be announced


Sunday 22 March

Theater De Meervaart:
Competition Rounds
Morning and afternoon (exact times to be announced):
Competition rounds

Evening-(exact time to be announced):
Grand Finale

*The management reserves the right to change the schedule if necessary.


5th Edition,

21 and 22 March 2020

(masterclasses on 20 & 21)


The purpose of AmsterDans is to provide an opportunity to dancers, dance schools and dance teachers to come together in an atmosphere of friendly competition in order to learn from and inspire each other. Furthermore, it is meant to motivate and to encourage interaction between dancers, teachers and dance schools from different countries.  The prizes offered provide dancers with special opportunities that can contribute to their development.

Besides the competition itself, the program includes masterclasses with renown teachers. The combination of the beautiful locations and activities, allows dancers and teachers to get the most out of the event.



The competition is divided in two main parts: Competition and Grand Finale

Both will take place in the Meervaart Theatre in Amsterdam.


The 3 competition categories are:




  1. Competition for dancers in the genres of ballet and or contemporary dance
  • For students of regular dance schools and amateurs
  • Maximum duration of pieces are:

2 min. for solos, 3 min. for duets/trios, and 4 min. for groups

  • Age categories: Children, Juniors, Seniors (see below)
  • Categories for each genre: solos, duets/trios and groups
  • The (3) winners of each category will perform again at the Final Gala

(except the children, who will be awarded at the end of their categories competition)


  1. Competition in Choreographic Composition
    This category is a showcase for the school’s teachers and/or choreographers’ own style, ideas, research, and originality
  • Pieces must have at least 3 dancers
  • Maximum duration of pieces is 5 minutes
  • All genres are admitted, all ages compete together
  • Choreographers should choose a theme and the awards will be given to the choreographer that best expresses the theme in terms of choreographic composition.
  • Choreographers should send by mail ( a short (maximum 25 words) written explanation, and it will be announced as introduction of the piece.
  • The 3 winners of each category will perform again at the Grand Finale




3) Competition for Emerging Choreographers  (All Genres)

The Emerging Choreographers category is for anyone, including students of Academies or Professional Schools, and young professionals with an age of 14 or above.

  • Pieces must have at least 2 dancers
  • Maximum duration of pieces is 5 minutes
  • All genres are admitted, all ages compete together
  • The 3 winners of each category will perform again during the Grand Finale


Rules & Regulations



The Competition is open to dance schools from all countries. Failure to respect or only partially respect the regulations may lead to exclusion or a disqualification from the competition. No rehearsals are scheduled. Dancers and their teachers can practice on stage before the competition or during the pauses, only if possible.




  • ballet/ neoclassical –solos, duets and group works.

          N.B.: pointes are NOT allowed for Children

  • modern/contemporary with solos, duets/ trios, and group works.
  • choreographic composition: group works for 3 dancers or more
  • The age categories are for ballet and contemporary.
  • Children born in 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
  • Junior born in 2008, 2007, 2006
  • Senior born in 2005 or before

NB: Choreographic composition is a single age category

  • In each genre, repertoire or original variations are possible.

For Choreographic Composition, it must be an original piece not made by other choreographers

  • Maximum duration of pieces are: 2 minutes for solos, 3 minutes for duets/trios, 4 minutes for groups.
  • For choreographic composition: 5 minutes maximum.
  • In duets/trios, both participants must be in the same age category. In group pieces, a maximum of 20 % of older dancers is allowed. If more than 20% of the dancers are in the older category, the choreography will be moved to the higher age category.


  • All genres of dance can be presented
  • The work must be original (not from repertoire of another choreographer)
  • Age 14 and above.
  • Maximum duration is 5 minutes
  • Everyone, including pre and young professionals can enter


    • The same dancer cannot enter more than two variations in each solo category
    • A school may not enter more than 4 choreographies in each group category

AmsterDans does not require costumes for pieces, though AmsterDans does recommend them as it enhances the dancer’s performance. If the dancer is not able to use costuming, AmsterDans asks the dancer to wear clean practice clothes (e.g. black leotard, clean tights and ballet shoes).


Medals and Trophies for the winners 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category.

Special prizes such as scholarships, cash prizes, gift certificates, free registrations for programs and competitions may be awarded by the judges. For the Emerging Choreographers section these can also include apprenticeships or invitations to perform.

  • REGISTRATION and FEES:   Registration deadline is 1 March 2020

It is recommended that participants register as early as possible as there is a limited number of places. Pre-registration is necessary, and can be done by filling in and submitting the online form on the website

AmsterDans will then respond confirming the receipt of the registration and indicating the availability of places for the competition. Only after availability is confirmed is it possible to send all documents and (music) files requested.


Fees:   The participation fees, in all categories, are as follows:

  • 1 Solo: € 50,- for each choreography. 2 solos by the same dancer € 80
  • Duets/Trios: € 75,- for each choreography.
  • Group works/Choreographic Compostion/Emerging Choreographers: € 25,- for  each dancer, for each choreography.

The payment should be made in one transaction and made t:o
AmsterDans Stichting
Bank account number IBAN: NL82 INGB 0007 0537 42,
Office address:
Witte de Wiithstraat 119-2
1057XR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The following information must be in payment description:  AmsterDans 2020 and the name of the Dance School or in the case of Emerging Choreographers, the choreographer’s name.

In case of cancellation on the part of the applicants, the fees are not refundable.


The online form on the website must completed and submitted.

 In addition, the following must be sent by mail to

  • A scan or copy of the bank transfer of the full amount
  • Music in MP3 file, renamed with “name of the school – title” (ex: Areadanza –La Bayadere
  • Description of theme for Choreographic Composition for Schools entry (if applicable)

To send heavy documents or music by email, you can use

    • The check-in is from 2 hours before until up to 30 minutes before the beginning at the Meervaart Theater.
    • At the check-in desk each group-leader has to have an extra CD for each dance piece, with only 1 track of music per CD. The school’s name and title of the piece must be written on both the cover and on the CD itself.
    • Teachers must inform the dancers that at the end of each performance, dancers must stop for few seconds in front of the jury.
    • Equipment or props that could damage the stage or make it slippery, is not allowed.
    • The use of equipment, props, tools or objects must be requested before registration and must be authorized by the organizers.


    • Scores are made exclusively by a mathematic sum of technical votes.
    • The Jury is composed of renowned international dance professionals
    • Names of the judges will be published as soon as possible on our web-site:
    • To be awarded it is necessary to have an average score of at least 60 out of 100 points
    • The jury reserves the right to not award certain prizes or awards if the levels are not reached.
    • Every evaluation and decision is absolutely irrevocable.


    • Access to the stage, backstage, dressing-rooms and live streaming area will be allowed only to dancers and choreographers and one representative for each school using the personal stamp received during check-in.


    • The organizers cannot be held responsible for damages or injuries that may occur during the event to objects or people.
    • The registration fee and the sum paid for its services will not be refunded in case of cancellation on the part of the participants.
    • The leader of each group, under his/her sole responsibility, declares that all participants have a sufficiently good state of health state for physical fitness, and that the minors participants have obtained permission from parents or legal guardians.
    • The organizers have the permission to freely use for its own purposes the images taken during the activities.
    • The leader of each group who signs this application form, declares under his/her own responsibly that students, parents, tutors or guardians have been informed about and have approved each point and rule/regulation, and the terms and conditions for participation as stated here.


    • Making videos and photos during the event are not permitted, except by the photographers authorized by the organization to do so.
    • This year pictures and videos will be available for purchase immediately after the event in the hall of the theatre.
    • In submitting application forms, each subject authorizes AmsterDans to use images taken during the event.


    • The format and the logo of the competition AmsterDans are a trademark. Abuses or copy are prohibited. For any legal dispute, the jurisdiction is the Dutch Court of Law only.


    • The organization reserves the right, if circumstances deem it necessary, to modify or cancel the event, to change at any time the schedules, awards, events, categories, sections, places and activities mentioned in this document without any obligation towards participants, who will be promptly informed.
    • It is necessary that participants check the website or Facebook page of AmsterDans (before and during the competition weekend) to see if any schedule changes have been made.
    • In case of cancellation of the competition on the part of the organizers, all registration fees will be refunded to the participants.



  • Piece Info:

  • Categories

  • Dancers name(s) and birthdate(s)

  • Full NameBirthdate 
  • Fees

  • Solo 50 € - Duo/Trio 75 € - Groups 25 € per dancer.

    Please see payment information in Rules and Regulations document


  • Scholarships for various studios, schools including : Peridance Studios New York City, U.S.A. –– National Ballet Academy Summer School, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The Norwegian National Ballet Summer School, Oslo Norway –  Codarts, Rotterdam –  Scapino Ballet, Rotterdam -Dutch Don’t Dance Division Summer Course (Joop Sanders Scholarship) , The Hague, The Netherlands – Henny Jurriëns Studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Summer School at Studio Simoncini , The Hague, The Netherlands – Chassé Dance Studios, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   –  Areadanza Livorno, Italy.
  • Cash and merchandise including dance clothes from our sponsors DNC Store, FlevoDance & Gaynor Mindon
  • Free registrations for Livorno in Danza competition 2021 (Italy) – AmsterDans 2021, (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
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