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Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 March

at Theater De Meervaart
The schedule for these two competition days will be announced soon.
Registration for the competition is closed!

You can still register for masterclasses here.
Tickets for the general public can be bought here.

AmsterDans Competition

6th Edition,

11 & 12 March 2023

Rules & Regulations

see PDF version here

The purpose of AmsterDans is to provide an opportunity for dancers, dance schools, and dance teachers to come together in an atmosphere of friendly competition in order to learn from and inspire each other. Furthermore, it is meant to motivate and encourage interaction between dancers, teachers, and dance schools from different countries. The prizes offered provide dancers with special opportunities that can contribute to their development.
Besides the competition part, the AmsterDans program includes masterclasses with renowned teachers in ballet and contemporary modern dance. The combination of the multicultural atmosphere of the city of Amsterdam and the competition’s inspiring activities allows dancers and teachers to get the most out of this special weekend. The competition is open to dance schools from all countries, backgrounds, and orientations.

Children, Juniors, and Young Adults
Children: born in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. In this age group it is not allowed to compete with pointe shoes
Juniors: born in 2009, 2010, 2011
Young Adults: born in 2008 and earlier

In duets, both participants must be in the same age category.
In group pieces, a maximum of 25% of older dancers is allowed. If more than 25% of the dancers are older than the age group for which was applied, the submitted piece will be moved to the higher age group.
Each dancer/group may compete maximum twice in the same category.

Competition in the genres of ballet and/or contemporary modern dance
This category is for students of regular dance schools and advanced amateur dancers.
For each genre:
Solos – 2.5 minutes max
Duets – 2.5 minutes max
Groups of 3 people or more – 4 minutes max – the prize goes to the dancers

Competition for Emerging Choreographers – 5 minutes max
This category is for groups (2 or more dancers) and any dance genre is possible. The pieces will be judged principally on the quality of the choreography.
For both dance schools and professionally-oriented choreographers
The prizes (medals/trophies, cash. performance opportunities) will be awarded to the choreographer of the submitted piece.
Choreographer and participating dancers can be of any age

Send a max 3-line description of the theme of the choreography to: when you register


Masterclasses are held in the morning at Talentenhuis (walking distance from the theater) or in the theater
Masterclasses will be held for the participants of age groups Children, Juniors, and Young Adults as well as the Emerging Choreographers category. The schedule will be announced soon on the Masterclasses page of our website.
13:00h (1:00 pm): The competition starts with the Children: solos, duets, and groups. After the Children have finished, the Juniors age group will start. Ather the Children and the Juniors have competed, there will be an award ceremony in the evening. Time TBA (to be announced) on the day of competition. The order of the competition program will be announced after the deadline of February 26th, 2023.

Masterclasses are held in the morning at Talentenhuis (in walking distance from the Theater) or in the theater
Masterclasses will be held for the participants of age groups Juniors, and Young Adults as well as the Emerging Choreographers category. The schedule will be announced soon on the Masterclasses page.
13:00h (1:00pm): The competition on Sunday will be for age group Young Adults and the Emerging Choreographers category. The order of the program will be announced after the registration deadline of 26 February 2023.
NB: For both days, Masterclasses have to be registered separately from the competition. Use the registration form on the website. Places are limited.

Registration deadline is the 26th of February, 2023
It is recommended that participants register as early as possible as there is a limited number of spots. This can be done by filling out the registration form on the website.
AmsterDans will respond, confirming the receipt of the online registration form and indicating the availability of places for the competition. Only after availability is confirmed will it be possible to send all documents requested and the payment can then be made.
If you have any questions about the online form, email

Fees: The participation fees in all categories are as follows:
Solo: €50- 2 solos by the same dancer €80
Duet: €80
Groups: €30,- per dancer, for each piece
Emerging Choreographers €30,- per dancer participating in (each) submitted piece

The payment should be made in a single transaction for each school/organization to Stichting AmsterDans to bank account number IBAN: NL82 INGB 0007 0537 42, with BIC/SWIFT code: INGBNL2A. Payment description: AmsterDans 2023 [name of Dance School/organization]. Please specify with the payment the amount paid for the competition and the amount paid for the masterclasses.

Please send the following by email to
Music should be in MP3 file only – renamed with “name of the school – title” (example: Tendu School – Kitri). Please use a good quality track and avoid sending a transformed YouTube to MP3 track, otherwise the sound in the theater will not be good.
n.b.: In case of more pieces with the same title, add at the end the name of dancer (ex: Tendu School – Kitri – Maria)
Send large files with
Proof of Payment – a copy or a scan of the bank transfer of the full amount.

Teachers must bring to the theater a USB Drive with the music of the group as a backup to the files that have already been sent.

Information about your arrival to the theater and checking in for the competition will be sent after your registration has been received and confirmed.

Access to the stage, backstage, and dressing rooms will be allowed only to dancers and choreographers, and 1 teacher, using the wristband received during check-in, which should be worn at all times.
Tickets to watch the performances will be on sale in February 2023 and can be purchased through the theater’s website

AmsterDans does not require costumes for pieces, though AmsterDans does recommend them as it enhances the dancers’ performance. If the dancer is not able to use costumes, AmsterDans asks the dancer to wear clean practice clothes (e.g. black leotard, clean tights, and ballet shoes).
The use of equipment, props (no glitter allowed), tools, or objects must be requested before registration and must be authorized by the organizers. Any equipment or props that could damage the stage or make it slippery are not allowed and can be a reason for disqualification.

Scores are made exclusively by a mathematical sum of technical votes
The Jury is composed of renowned international dance professionals
The jury reserves the right to not award certain prizes or awards if the levels are not reached
Every evaluation and decision are absolutely irrevocable

Medals and Trophies will be awarded to the winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each category. Special prizes such as scholarships, cash prizes, gift certificates, apprenticeships, invitations to perform, and free registrations for programs and competitions may be awarded by the judges.

Making videos and photos during the competition is not permitted, except by the photographers authorized by the organization to do so
Pictures and videos will be available for purchase online after the event
In submitting application forms, each subject authorizes AmsterDans to use images taken during the event

The organization reserves the right, if circumstances require, to modify or cancel the event, to change -at any time- the schedules, awards, events, categories, sections, places and activities mentioned in this document without any obligation towards participants, who will be promptly informed.
It is necessary that participants check the website, Instagram or Facebook page of AmsterDans (before and during the competition weekend) to see if any schedule changes have been made.
In case of cancellation of the competition on the part of the organizers because of force majeure, registration fees will be refunded to the participants. Any travel or accommodation costs made by participants cannot be refunded.

Failure to respect or only partially respect the regulations may lead to exclusion or a disqualification from the competition. Dancers, teachers, and audience members are obligated to respect all of the Dutch government Covid regulations, which may be in force during the competition.

The registration fees for both competition and masterclasses will not be refunded in case of cancellation on the part of the participants
The organizers cannot be held responsible for damages or injuries that may occur during the event to objects or people

The leader of each group, under their sole responsibility, declares that all participants have a sufficiently good state of health for physical fitness and that the minor participants have obtained permission from their parents or legal guardians to participate in this event
The leader of the group ensures that all participants and the parents of any participants who are minors have read and agree to the Liability waiver.
The organizers have permission to freely use for their own purposes the images taken during the activities
The leader of each group who signs this application form declares under their own responsibility that students, parents, tutors, or guardians have been informed about and have approved each point and rule/regulation, and the terms and conditions for participation as stated here

The format and the logo of the competition AmsterDans are a trademark. Abuses or unauthorized copies are prohibited.
For any legal dispute, the jurisdiction is the Dutch Court of Law only.
By registering for participating in the AmsterDans competition, Stichting AmsterDans is waived of accidents and liability in the broadest sense of the term in relation to participation at the competition. This clause is in reference to the acceptance of all the rules and regulations of this event as well as the accident waiver and release of liability.


  • Piece Info:

  • Categories

  • Dancers name(s) and birthdate(s)

  • Full NameBirthdate 
  • Fees

  • Solo: €50, 2 solos by the same dancer: € 80 - Duet: €80 - Groups: €30 per dancer for each piece. Emerging Choreographers: €30 per dancer participating in (each) submitted piece

    The payment should be made in a single transaction for each school/organization to Stichting AmsterDans to bank account number IBAN: NL82 INGB 0007 0537 42, with BIC/SWIFT code: INGBNL2A. Payment description: AmsterDans 2023 [name of Dance School/organization]. Please specify with the payment the amount paid for competition and the amount paid for masterclasses


Scholarships or residencies for various studios, schools & companies:

  • Peridance Studios New York, USA
  • National Ballet Academy Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • ARTEZ  Dance Academy, Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • Delattre Dance Company, Mainz, Germany
  • The Henny Jurriëns Studio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Studio Simoncini, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Rome International Dance Academy, Rome, Italy
  • ICK dans Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • De Dutch Don’t Dance Division, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Chasse Dance Studios, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Premio Danza Puglia, Italy


Gift certificates from FlevoDance, Gaynor Minden, DNC Store

Cash prizes from  Associazione Evgenij Polyakov, Dunja Jocic/Bird Productions and AmsterDans

Performance opportunities at Vondelpark Open Air Theater in Amsterdam

Coaching from Project Zahira in Amsterdam

Free registrations for
AmsterDans Competition 2024

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